PLM August update

Message from PLM

I have Upper Crooked Lake on the schedule for next week.  Looking like Tuesday pending weather.  It will be an inspection and spot treatment primarily for milfoil and starry stonewort.  We treated the cabomba last time so I expect that should be controlled in the treatment areas.  We cannot reapply the cabomba product for 28 days so we would likely not be able to retreat anyway.  If you have noticed any problems or gotten any complaints, please let me know.


Andy Tomaszewski
Southern Lakes Manager
PLM Lake & Land Management Corp
(616) 891-1294 ext 2002

DCLA Bullying Policy



It has come to our attention that recently there were issues of bullying due to a difference of opinion.  We at the DCLA agree that differing opinions are important and good to find the proper resolution. We do not believe we should ever have to all think alike on any issue, however, we do believe that a person should be able to take a position and not be attacked personally.  When discussions result in personal attacks, it tends to stop good discussion and people tend to no longer rely on facts.


Therefore DCLA, we will condemn bullying and personal attacks at all times.  We can't in good conscience accept bullying and personal attacks on any level.  We do promote good discussion and even argument, but please leave personal attacks out of the equation.

PLM June update

Message sent to Kathy Mutschler 

Hi Kathy,


I have Upper Crooked on the schedule for next week Wednesday.  We treated pretty aggressively the first time so hopefully things should be looking good in regards to milfoil and curlyleaf.  I expect that Cabomba might just be starting and we will likely use this visit to evaluate and survey Cabomba with plans to address during the next visit.  Cabomba can germinate over a couple of week period and timing it wrong can lead to having to treat twice which can be expensive.  I have not been seeing starry stonewort on too many lakes yet and I think the cooler weather has delayed it somewhat.  I will send my guy with some product to address it if he finds some.   Same as last time, we will stay away from any flooded areas.




Andy Tomaszewski

Southern Lakes Manager

PLM Lake & Land Management Corp

(616) 891-1294 ext 2002

E. Shore drive road Update

Hello DCLA members and Crooked Lake residents,

I spoke with Brian Donnini, Barry County Assistant Superintendent, this morning about the project to raise E. Shore drive where it is flooded.  Brian told me that the Barry County Road Commission will do following:

1. Put a base of 3/4" to 1" crushed stone to approximately the level of the existing water over E. Shore.  
2. Add a layer of crushed gravel on top of the crushed stone to raise the road above the water level.  
3. Culverts will be installed under the road at approximately every other house.  This will be done to prevent trapping water near the houses.  Note: The rock and gravel are permeable so water can still slowly flow through.  It is not intended to block the water from flowing from the east back water area over the road.  This method of raising roads in flooded areas has been used in Kalamazoo County successfully.  

The project is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 10 if equipment and materials are available.  
This is not a permanent installation.  When the water goes down, the material will be reclaimed and reused on other jobs.