ALERT!!! - Red Swamp Crayfish is near us

 Did you see the DNR alert about the red swamp crayfish that the DC LA just emailed? This invasive has invaded Sunset Lake in Vicksburg. A boat from this lake was recently checked at our wash station and had to be washed before it was allowed to launch. Sunset Lake is connected to several other lakes including Austin and Barton. Since opening on May 15, 13 boats from Austin have been checked at our water station. Five boats have come from Barton Lake and one of those had to be washed. This crayfish is the second new aquatic invasive species discovered this year in our geographic area. European Frogbit was the first. That's two new reasons why our water station is so necessary.

Pay Station Notice

The Prairieville Township Parks & Recreation Commission would like to make you aware that the new pay station at the Upper Crooked Lake launch site will become operational within the next few days. This station accepts cash (7.00) or credit cards but DOES NOT MAKE CHANGE. If you are a season pass holder, your Gull Lake code will also work at the Upper Crooked Lake pay station. During this initial start period, Parks personnel will be available on part-time to assist site users navigate the entry system. If you have any questions about this notice or the new pay system, please call John Hoek, Parks Chairperson, at (269) 623-2716.