Request for Information: Lake High Water Conditions

The association is looking to collect the impact of the water damage on your residents. The information will be used to consolidate the problems and issues that lake residents are facing as a result of high water. This consolidated information will be used to show the State Representatives, State Senators, County Commissioners and Township Commissioners the magnitude of the problem that we are experiencing here at Crooked Lake. To date, there has only been individual communications to our State Reps, Senators and local governments. It is felt that a comprehensive list of resident issues would be much more impactful.

Would you please estimate the cost of your damage or efforts you have made to prevent the water damage. Please provide pertinent comments if you have them.

This data collection effort is strictly voluntary.

Please use the spreadsheet (LINK) to provide your information: LINK
NOTE: You will need to download the file to your device to be able to add content and save the file.

Please send the above requested information to Sharon Ritchie at . She will collect all the information and it will be shared with the State and local governments  to illustrate the extent of the problem.