PLM June update

Message sent to Kathy Mutschler 

Hi Kathy,


I have Upper Crooked on the schedule for next week Wednesday.  We treated pretty aggressively the first time so hopefully things should be looking good in regards to milfoil and curlyleaf.  I expect that Cabomba might just be starting and we will likely use this visit to evaluate and survey Cabomba with plans to address during the next visit.  Cabomba can germinate over a couple of week period and timing it wrong can lead to having to treat twice which can be expensive.  I have not been seeing starry stonewort on too many lakes yet and I think the cooler weather has delayed it somewhat.  I will send my guy with some product to address it if he finds some.   Same as last time, we will stay away from any flooded areas.




Andy Tomaszewski

Southern Lakes Manager

PLM Lake & Land Management Corp

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