E. Shore drive road Update

Hello DCLA members and Crooked Lake residents,

I spoke with Brian Donnini, Barry County Assistant Superintendent, this morning about the project to raise E. Shore drive where it is flooded.  Brian told me that the Barry County Road Commission will do following:

1. Put a base of 3/4" to 1" crushed stone to approximately the level of the existing water over E. Shore.  
2. Add a layer of crushed gravel on top of the crushed stone to raise the road above the water level.  
3. Culverts will be installed under the road at approximately every other house.  This will be done to prevent trapping water near the houses.  Note: The rock and gravel are permeable so water can still slowly flow through.  It is not intended to block the water from flowing from the east back water area over the road.  This method of raising roads in flooded areas has been used in Kalamazoo County successfully.  

The project is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 10 if equipment and materials are available.  
This is not a permanent installation.  When the water goes down, the material will be reclaimed and reused on other jobs.